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Buckle up, because you will be joining our current members who are learning about: Marketing, Sales, Delivery, Admin, Team or Mindset.  The great news is that 

You will start with one FREE section of our workbook which will be emailed to you electronically. This is 100% yours to test drive before you join as a member, so get your desk in order, print out the workbook, fill in the activities and GO! You will need to read a case study, do the activities and questions, and develop your own growth strategy and action plan before moving onto the next section.

If you haven't received an email within 24 hours of joining, please email our Help Desk

Let's get Zooming... in your business!

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Whether you're a business owner, employee, sole trader or simply looking to connect with like-minded people in business this Zoom in Business membership is affordable and worth it!

The total cost for a 12 months membership is just $118.80 (unless you have a #discountcode)

Handy Tip: We have some mandatory fields to benefit you as a member, so please ensure you have a profile photo, business logo/image and business bio available to complete the application. You can update your profile at any time after the application has been accepted, so don't be deterred if your photo or bio is not exactly as you would like it - you can change it!

Lets get zooming... in your business!

*BEST VALUE* 90 Day Business Challenge Members

The 90 Day Business Challenge is our unique premier membership program. The Challenge is a unique online assessment and mindset program created and delivered by our Founder and Mentor, Kirsten Lowis.

During the Challenge, Kirsten and the Zoom in Business team of experts will be working alongside you to identify weak areas and develop systems and routines for both you and your business in the six key areas of Marketing, Sales, Delivery, Admin, Team and Mindset. It's going to be a bumper-to-bumper 12 weeks of business training, delivered to you by post, email, sms, social media, phone and webinar to get you motivated, educated and keep you accountable and on track! You will also have unlimited access to exclusive business documents, information, training videos and experts yo u can trust to keep you ticking off as many boxes as you can on your KPI list.

What you get:

Pre-Work: Getting Started guide and Pre-Task Assignments including Rearview Mirror, Readiness Checklist and Achievements worksheets. 
Week 1-12: You will receive your Workbook/magazine, To-do Notepad and KPI Sheet.  You will also receive 24/7 unlimited access to the membership knowledgebase, daily emails and fortnightly webinars.

For just $82.50/week, you won't find better value to get you organised, motivated and on the fast track to understanding how to run a successful business.