Zoom in Sales"Under promise and over deliver." 
- Toby Bloomberg


SALES: Solving a problem

Anything you do that takes a lead’s interest and turns that lead into a customer, and puts cash into your bank account comes under the heading 'SALES'

Becoming successful in sales isn’t rocket science. It simply comes down to understanding what your business is selling, developing the right sales strategy, acting on that information, and then sticking with it.

I’m just going to say it: most small business owners-managers we have met suck at selling. This is not meant to be offensive – quite the contrary. The problem we have found that it is not the small business owners-manager themselves, it’s that they are too busy managing the business or following bad habits or advice. Our consultants and experts have worked with hundreds of small business owners-managers to help them develop their sales skills and strategies, and for most, it was quite a challenge at first. An advertising rep we recently worked with couldn’t sell his way out of a paper bag, but with proper training and a foolproof sales strategy, he’s now unstoppable.

As you know, there’s an overwhelming amount of sales training on the market both on and offline, and most of it is delivered in a cookie-cutter, one-fits-all approach. Unfortunately, the application of ineffective, and often out-dated sales advice costs Australian small business owners-managers millions in lost sales. We are changing the market with our 90 Day Business Challenge and we are showing business owners that nailing the sales process in their business is more important than marketing.

Many business owners have either learned the technical aspects of accounting, marketing, IT, law or craft through school or university, but no one has ever received a degree in sales. This leaves what is arguably the most critical skill for a small business owner to learn – selling - through trial and error. Rather than figure it out the hard way, when you join our 90 Day Business Challenge, we teach you how to develop a foolproof system for selling and how follow it religiously.

Get ready. Get Set. If you need help to improve sales in your business, join our upcoming Zoom in Business 90 Day Business Challenge where you will create your own sales strategy with the help of our experts. We are right here with ideas, experience, market research or anything else which helps you to put cash in the bank.


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