Kellie Williams
Kirsten is a brilliant business owner, business valuer, business coach, business broker, speaker and presenter with many years of experience!
She successfully runs multiple businesses, manages two websites, a sales office and looks after a huge range of business clients. She also plays basketball, competes in triathlons and fun runs, and has an amazingly enthusiastic passion for life. She's also extremely enthusiastic about all things 'business' which is infectious, makes it fun to learn with her, and easy to remember. She always has a creative, positive outlook and she's good at organizing and bringing people together. Her presentation style is open and inviting to questions, engaging, and thorough. If you have any questions about buying, growing, selling or valuing a business, and want to have fun while learning, Kirsten is the best!
Kellie Williams, Owner | Jasper Design

Patrick Herbert
They say those that can, do; those who can't teach. But, Kirsten is someone who does and; teaches it too! For almost 2 years I had the privilege of working with Kirsten; as her intern, then as an employee. During this time, I came to know Kirsten to be consistent in commitments, forward thinking and indefatigable. Whether coaching, selling or teaching Kirsten clearly exhibits and inspires industry, efficiency and positivity in those around her. I would recommend her without reservation in any endeavor large or small and would not hesitate in working with her again.
Patrick Herbert, Digital Marketing Expert



I don't know what to say because thank you just doesn't seem enough, but after our talk I feel like a different person, before we spoke I felt trapped and lost and now I just feel free and happy.  I don't know if it was just sitting and talking to you, or because you made me talk and open up like I have never done before, you challenged me and took me out of my comfort zone (boy you certainly did), as I am an extremely private person who often keeps things close to my chest.  My outlook at work has changed virtually overnight, for the better.  I am not thinking about my day when I go home or my week on the weekend, I guess I am handling things a bit better and put things into perspective a little.  For the very first time in my life I feel that I am worthy as a person and I truly believe now that I have earnt this role and I am going to do my absolute best to do it well and to my full potential.

I am not saying that I am perfect or that I am ok because I know that I'm not that's for certain, I think you have only removed the first layer and I have long way to go, but wow I feel heaps better, and it was you.  I feel extremely blessed that my employers have allowed me to meet with you and think enough about me to continue our sessions because I know I will only become a better manager, work colleague, wife, mum and friend.  One thing you asked me was who do you trust, and I said no one, well I can say now that I do trust someone and that is you.

We all have our own personal struggles within and I certainly have mine, but now I feel I can work with you to help me find a way on how to deal with them in a positive and constructive way.  You are an amazing person, so honest, happy, positive, trustworthy, most of all all-round beautiful person and when you walk into our office your smile just radiates through the room, this is what I want to achieve and I am so grateful and privileged to have met you and the opportunity to continue to work with you.

Thank you so much again for your time, guidance and wonderful words because they have made a huge change in my life and I look forward to our next meeting.



I think it is a great program that truly benefits those people who are committed but have had no results. The combination of a workbook with assessments, online training, a business community and expert advice really worked for me – knowledge is power, but having someone keep you accountable is powerful!
Rechelle, Graphic Designer

The 90 Day Business Challenge is a practical, useful and affordable way for the average business owner to learn, apply and reap the benefits of developing their business through a membership.
Cathy, Business Owner