Peter Stainton
Kirsten's success affords her tremendous credibility, but she is equally adept as a caring and motivating teacher. I've learned more from my coaching with Kirsten in 12 months than I have from 15 years of being in business. Her sincerity and passion shine through, and that combined with her solid knowledge and experience in business makes her a force to be reckoned with.
Peter Stainton, Business Owner | TPS Services

Selina Scoble
Zoom In Business Magazine and Masterminds Program led me to grow my business to 6 figures in just 6 months, after losing everything in the devastating 2011 Brisbane Floods.
Selina Scoble, Olympian and Business Owner | WFBOS

Thanks Zoom in Business. In one session, you have certainly captured everything! It was great meeting you and I really appreciate your time and understanding. I came away feeling quite relieved and very impressed and I really enjoyed connecting with you and knowing that someone is now going to make me accountability for what I say which is scary but necessary and great at the same time.
Tamara, Business Owner, Accredited Trainer | Business Scene Investigator